I am a seeker and a finder. I go out and ask questions of reality and look to the world to bring them back to me  through synchrony and inspiration. I work as a researcher for a renowned spirituality and consciousness film and book production company, and I am interested and involved in all aspects of consciousness. I am also working for other consciousness research groups and get to expand mine and hopefully our understandings of the fabric of who we are.

Extropy was spoken of by a french jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), who believed in a force that drives self-organization to greater complexity. This Universal extropic force resists entropy and creates ever greater levels of consciousness through the embrace, adaption and organization of new energy into the system. For Humans this typically involves non-reactionary movements in which we move to our higher levels of consciousness in oder to incorporate the chaos into our lives so that it works for us.

For me spirituality exists in every moment and The Universe exists in everything. Through this page and the ensuing dialogues, I hope to answer questions at large of the universe as a whole. Please talk to me so we can delve further into a truth to find our way to The Truth.

In this forum I will share one larger piece of writing, once a month, on my thoughts and feelings of the bigger questions of life. In these pieces i will try to provide tools and techniques that resonate for the reader in order to help them create a greater understanding of life from the metaphysical point of view as well as a richer way of experiencing it. Most of these writings come from moments of inspiration and intuition and therefore i don’t hold to them as the Truth but instead explorations.

Scattered amongst these larger pieces i will be including smaller weekly inclusions  that i have picked up from the global consciousness that i feel are worth sharing in order to move us toward elevated feelings and understandings of ourselves and our world.

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