Whale Wisdom: “Give Thanks!”

Some people think that they have days where they don’t have a reason to smile, that their lives are void of love and so they look to the outside world to get it. They want people to give it to them. They want products to give it to them. They want drugs to give it to them. They look for anyway they can find it outside of themselves. But we are always FILLED with the highest potential of experiencing Love. Love is essentially an emotional experience that makes us feel whole and satisfied about who we are at that moment in our lives. Good feelings such as the feeling of love can only be felt by you. It only exists inside of you. And that leads us down a path bound for confusion when we look outside ourselves for something that only exists within.

Smile for what you are thank ful for and the world will smile with you

When we feel a lack of love in our lives it is because we are blocking love with our unconscious thinking. We say and focus on thoughts that do not serve us or make us feel good about ourselves. They are not real! Our thoughts are one a train of possibilities and its up to us to choose the reality that we want. Love is always with us and it is just about working with it in a way that serves us. One powerful way to clear the blockage and change your thinking is through Gratitude – when you give thanks for the things in your life, you open yourself up to a new way of experiencing your world and you open up the potential to get happy. Real happy! You provide an opening to see life form a different angle; you have found an altered state of consciousness. So get high on thanks!

Life is a realm of parallel realities. There is so much going on in the one scene of your life in this moment that you can’t possibly be aware of it all. So you get to choose upon what you focus on. Some realities that you focus on won’t serve you and leave you feeling unsatisfied, whereas others will leave you feeling filled to the top with love. Our brains can be set to look for and connect to things that are at our emotional frequency. For instance sad people connect to more slower emotionally heavier songs whereas happier people will tend to connect to upbeat and livelier songs. So start with gratitude and you will preset your brain to an awareness that will allow your mind to be attracted to those things going on around you that are at the same emotional frequency of what you were grateful for. You will be attracted to focussing on all the wonderful thing that will leave you feeling satisfied and you will have gained control of a large part of what leaves you sad and empty. Your smile will be contagious as you connect with people on your emotional frequency and your Joie de vive will lift people up to your level rather than have them pull you down to theirs. So give thanks for the amazing things in your life and you will have an amazing day filled with all things love surrounding you!

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