The Science of Gratitude and the Creation of Dreams

In getting clear on what our dream life looks like I would like to offer a suggestion on how to best create an emotional and mental space that will most certainly get you there. I say this because so often we talk about what we want and what we are going to have. We spend a lot of time and energy thinking and working hard to get to this dream place. We may even be really excited by the possibility of it but there is something that we always miss out on that has our efforts and energy get lost in the winds of time. And that is… it is so important to ensure that you are grateful for what you have NOW. 

By only being passionate and grateful for what you are getting in the future, you are not grounding yourself in the present. It is in the present moment from which we create our futures. It is the solid ground from which things grow. The material world only exists in this moment. Really think about it: What solid thing exists in the future? Nothing! It is only a possibility. What exists in the past? Nothing! It is only a memory. Even if that moment was only one second ago, you think back on say your plant one second ago, and that memory is only an electrical impulse in your brain, not a material thing. Nothing material exists in the moment outside of the present moment and so we cannot grow things from any other moment, but this moment. The only moment is now. So when you are intending on things in the future, do it from a place where you are firmly grounded in the moment of now.

Over the last hundred years scientific studies have confirmed that there is only the moment of now. Einstein said, “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”  Dr. Richard Feynman, one of the most famous quantum theorists, then went onto describe that the probability of an event is determined by summing together all the possible histories preceding that event. This means that the direction of our journey through time is simply a path in space heavily influenced by our preceding actions, which makes one outcome more probable than the more fantastic journeys time might have otherwise taken us on. Therefore in conjunction with advancing theories over the decades it has been shown that each and every moment is a completely new Universe, with infinite new possibilities in its own right and it is our consciousness (thoughts and feelings) that helps bind time into what appears a simple cohesive journey. 

Why have I gone into this? Because I want you to realize that in every moment you have the ability to create your own reality. That fresh possibility exists in every moment and that moment is only now. So the way that you can direct the most probable outcome is through the sum of the histories of the event in which you are trying to create. By being grateful now for what you have and being grateful for what you WILL have, you help create the most probable sum of the event because you are trying to create an event which makes you very grateful. 

The first thing to know about guiding ourselves to our dreams is based on another quick moment of science. As shown by the Institute of HeartMath, feelings generate particular frequency patterns in our hearts and positive feelings of gratitude generate a very even sinusoidal wave, while negative emotions usually elicit quite erratic patterns. Our heart is the largest generator and emitter of frequencies in our bodies. If every moment is now (even the future) and we are trying to create a moment outside of now for the future then by harmonizing our frequencies of the moment of now with a future moment of now we are helping to couple and connect the moments of now and best create the resonant reality of our choosing. By feeling gratitude intensely we are further creating a stronger signal which will better reach and harmonize with what we are trying to create.

The second element of creation is to be committed. The more gratitude you add to your life and the future event, the greater the probability will be and the more chance you will have of reaching your dream. Every time you give thanks for both now and the future, you add another moment to the history of events that will lead to a greater summation of the probability of that event. So choose what you want now and give thanks for it and remember to give thanks always and often for what you have, because without being grateful for who you are and what you have you are negating your own creative powers and thus leaving you and the connected Universe impotent.

It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by negativity; remember that every moment is a fresh moment of possibility, in which you can begin to change the direction of your life. You can have lost your job, lost your partner, been diagnosed with an illness, but if you choose what you want and start giving, and truly feeling thanks for what you have received and what you want to receive, you will surely have it. You can give thanks for your family and friends that surround and support you. You can feel love and gratitude for your partner and children. You can think of all that has been given to you and that has kept you alive to this moment. You can be grateful about your health. You can think about your dreams and passions. You can smile about all the things you have accomplished in life. Write them down and keep a list. If only a few every night of what you are grateful about in your day. Give thanks. Feel it and Commit to it and your dream life is surely waiting in the next moment.

9 thoughts on “The Science of Gratitude and the Creation of Dreams”

    1. Thank you Rahul for reading and sharing your thoughts. Is there any more perfect comment than “THANKS” πŸ™‚

  1. Gratitude I generally need to learn and practice this every moment of my life. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

  2. I think this is a brilliant post with excellent points. My only issue is how to be grateful for something you have and for the future at the same time.I see the merit in it but it sort of feels like a lie, to myself when I say it. Of course, everything has it’s benefits and you should be grateful for having whatever it is. “I’m grateful for my body… even though I want a new one.” Is this a contradiction or is just the acknowledgement of being happy to have it enough?

    1. Hello queenmeranda,
      Thank you for your kind words and also your question. The way to be thankful for elements requires you to be somewhat methodical in your approach. First you acknowledge and give thanks for all that you have been through to create the place where you are in your life, which may also involve the choice for change. This process is aimed at removing the negative beliefs you may be holding about your life right now and in the past, find forgiveness and allow yourself to move on. Otherwise you will forever see yourself as the person you have always been creating yourself as rather seeing the person whom you are actually creating. Therefore i stress that it is very important for you to truly find an appreciation for the life that you have created for yourself up to this moment. Then you are ready to move on to your appreciation of your dreams. The emotional sentiment such as excitement, hope and joy will provide the energy you need to perpetuate your movement forward to your desire. There are a lot of hills and obstacles on the road to our dreams and we need a powerful energy source to keep us moving through these difficult times. Gratitude and its associated good feelings are the fuel that powers our momentum forward and enables us to reach our created goals.

      1. This is helpful, I appreciate your response here! I hadn’t thought about being actively grateful for my past. Difficult circumstances still helped me be the person I am today with the insight that belongs to me only. It’s interesting you mention forgiveness because that is something I have difficulty with. I have a lot to consider to move out of my situation. Thanks for all of your tips here.

        1. My pleasure queenmeranda. I am glad it was able to help. Forgiveness is a difficult journey but understand that mistakes are the major way we learn. We were not born perfect, nor will we die this magical idea of perfect but it is our willingness to learn from our mistakes and not having such ridiculous expectations of ourselves that will give us more space to laugh, breathe and grow πŸ™‚

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