How are you connected to the Universe?

This video shows you the simplicity and complexity of your connection to the Universe.

The Powers of 10

We are a single integrated system. From the microscopic to the galactic, it is the same system. We can see this as we go out or in, the same laws the same patterns continue to emerge. The Universe is visible and knowable in the drop of a single moment; you simply need the eye to see it.

The universe is a holograph. Shine a light on the holographic plate and an image appears. Take a small part off the plate and when you again shine the light on it you will still see the image but at a lower resolution. Consciousness is a continuum. As it evolves so to does the resolution of life. So think about where you are shining the light of your consciousness. Look through what see and realize that everything exists in everything. We exist in everything and so we are simply seeing ourselves. Give to others and you give to yourself. Look at yourself and you will see the world.

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