The Limitations of Dogma in Providing the Structure of Truth

Dogma most certainly has power when it is first formed, but consciousness evolves and grows. Dogma is akin to building a structure of stone to support our understandings of the universe. This is a relevant structure for a time, but then suddenly our understandings of the universe start to grow as our consciousness grows. It continues to grow like civilizations grow and eventually the structure of the dogma is outgrown and no longer is relevant to hold up the people’s beliefs and their understanding of the universe. It is like trying to support a skyscraper with the dogmatic structure of a doll-house. The scales of understanding and growth are much slower for dogma.

Dogma typically is a fairly inflexible structure that does not grow with our understandings of the universe, our new thought, scientific technologies and growth in personal consciousness. Whilst there are many forward thinkers, the ideology itself is very slow to move and grow. Instead people continue to rely on this still and rigid paradigm, as it is something familiar and trusted. Slowly people become aware of how, this structure that dogma has created and that people have come to rely on, is obsolete and so people move on to their next dogma structure.

We see this in effect as people moved from Greek mythology to Roman mythology to the Abrahamic religions and then to Modern Religion of Science. Each dogma is a richer, more reliable, more complex and larger structure that better describes and supports our understanding of nature and the universe. Ancient myth dogma had sacrifice, modern religious dogma had monotheism and Science has the extra-sensory technologies. All these structures provided a way of seeing and experiencing the world as best they could do with the understanding and methods they were building off. As the world’s consciousness expands, as do our understandings, new structures are constantly needed to be put into place to support them. We must realize that while these structures are useful to get a new perspective we must be free to change these structures, flexibly and fluidly, or even tear them down and rebuild them entirely.

The main point is that we can’t be afraid of changing the structures that dogma has put into place. Dogma is an understanding that is giving form to the truth of the time. This structure of understanding will only last so long because we are eternally expanding, as Truth has no form but the form that we give it.

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